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Helpful Hints

  1. Plan your storage space.  Place those items that you may need to access often in front.  Be sure to allow for walkways.
  2. It is best to place your items on pallets or 2 x 4’s to guard against dampness.  Any concrete floor may become damp.  Once these are placed, spread a protective cover under your goods. 
  3. Pack your items carefully to avoid damage during transport and storage.  When packing, be sure to add enough filler (newspaper, bubble wrap) to fill any empty spaces in your boxes or totes to prevent breakage.
  4. Label all boxes on each side making note of any fragile items.
  5. Do not store any food items.
  6. Be sure your items are dry before storing to avoid mold during storage.
  7. If you are using cardboard boxes seal them with good quality packing tape to prevent dust from getting into them.  Plastic Bins should be used whenever possible.
  8. Wrap fragile items in bubble wrap, newspaper or towels and pack them tightly to prevent breakage.
  9. When storing furniture including couches and mattresses you should use furniture/mattress covers for safety and to prevent dust collection.
  10. Take furniture apart whenever possible. If any furniture that has legs is not being broken down, (tables, etc.) it should be wrapped carefully with blankets or bubble wrap.  Most damage can occur to the legs while in transit.
  11. Dishes and glasses should be wrapped in paper and packed in sturdy boxes; again plastic bins should be used whenever possible.
  12. Do not store any liquid items such as gasoline, paint thinner, solvents or oil.  These can be combustible and flammable.
  13. Mattresses should be laid flat whenever possible to avoid any bending.  
  14. Furniture with drawers can be utilized as storage places for pictures, silverware, knickknacks, etc.  Wrap the items in table clothes, towel, or blankets to prevent breakage.
  15. Do not place heavy or sharp objects on top of upholstered furniture.
  16. Use a good quality lock on your door in addition to the cylinder lock that is provided.

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